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Is this sabotaging you and your business?

“I keep focusing on those few who are unsatisfied.”

“We have a very low production error rate, and yet that 1% keeps me up at night.”

“I have this one employee that I can’t seem to please.”

“I’m trying to fill my coaching groups, and I get stressed when I see those who haven’t opened my email or have but didn’t click.”

“I had three great sales leads I thought were strong but just lost.”

Are these or similar issues keeping you up at night? Do you know that 95 percent of your decision are made unconsciously? That many of the programs playing in your subconscious are sabotaging you and your business?

The good news is that there’s an easy solution: Find and delete the limiting programs, and suddenly you have more control over the issues like the ones above. These issues surfaced during a leadership group I facilitated, and when we shifted their beliefs, they got these results:

  • Client entrepreneurs stopped attracting unsatisfied people (clients, partnerships, employees, etc.). In some cases, the actual people went away. In other cases, the unsatisfied people changed their expectations and behavior.
  • The group coach filled twice as many groups as she previously did, added coaches, and has scaled her business.
  • New sales leads closed quickly for one.
  • Another one was able to sleep at night finally knowing he was doing his best, and the company error rate dropped even lower.

What were the underlying limiting beliefs uncovered through Bridgenosis:


  • You might have guessed that a little perfectionism is at play here. I hate to make it seem as though I place blame on school–I don’t think school is bad. I have three degrees. I love school. But, the mindset that we need to do well in school is opposite from what we need to do well as entrepreneurs. In school, there is a “clearly defined” perfect, a 100% that one can get, and there are great rewards for achieving 100%. You don’t have to be an obvious perfectionist for perfectionism to sabotage you. (It’s not always about lining up your shoes or measuring 6 times before cutting.) Most folks have a little perfectionism inside, even if it’s only triggered in certain settings. In this case, it was being triggered with these entrepreneurs in the above ways.


  • Also, with this group, there was a focus on dealing with difficult people–they subconsciously felt the need to protect from negative unsatisfied people. At a younger age when you are limited to certain circumstances and people, the mind has a brilliant way of dealing with them. When you are older, though, this program will distract you away from attracting your ideal employees, clients, partners, etc. because you will be so focused on the difficult ones. You’re safe to move away from the less ideal and towards the ideal now.


  • There was a general discomfort in the group while “waiting” for results. During the ebb, he or she would focus on what was wrong, what needed fixing and stress about it. There was an uneasiness and fear that the results weren’t coming.


Solution: Shift the subconscious to be in alignment with one’s internal compass by believing at the deepest levels-not just consciously believing-the following:

  • My compass knows what is perfect, when and how to “perfect” in my business. My compass knows the wisest way to view seemingly negative situations and can see a way through every block. My subconscious trusts my compass to create and implement solutions knowing that I’m free and unlimited now. I am compassionate and satisfied with my human self.


  • In school, there was a lot of emphasis on doing. So, the mind becomes comfortable doing and uncomfortable being. New belief: I’m secure during the ebbs and flows. I trust that all is well and my compass knows when I should “do” and when I should “be” and allow.


Laura Palmer’s business, Bridgenosis® is a hypnotherapy program that helps you rewrite recurring thought patterns, or “limiting beliefs”, for the better. They create a bridge between the conscious and subconscious so that positive, creative suggestions can be communicated to your subconscious mind. Before starting her own company, Laura practiced as an attorney, focusing on labor and employment litigation and counseling. She also served as a political appointee to the U.S. Department of Labor and practiced as a transactional, corporate attorney. You can read her profile HERE.

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