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How to listen to the advice that really matters.

Advice matters.

I’m a big fan of reminding everyone I know that we don’t have to build our businesses alone. For a long time, it was the tag line of Her Corner. But it’s one thing to know that, and it’s another to live your life and constantly be aware of the people who come into your life with key pieces of information that you might miss if you’re not listening.


I’m not even sure how to explain who these people are. In some ways, I consider them the guardian angels of a business. They walk around in plain sight, and you may not see them all that often, or even know them personally. But when they talk, it’s important to listen. Because when they speak, not only is it clear that they get your “why”, you also know that they care about it too, and they want to help you, not just sell you something.


Let that sink in for a moment. And now ask yourself, do you know who the people are who get your ‘why’?


Let me give you an example of a key piece of information that recently helped me grow Her Corner. Had I not been listening, I might have missed it.

The Who:

There’s a leadership coach I often recommend when someone needs both professional and personal insight. His name is Carl Hicks, and I have known him for years. I see Carl every few months, and when he speaks, I always listen. His insight is based on deep professional experience and an internal moral compass that I admire very much.

So when Carl called me the other day, I was all ears.

“Did you know, Fred, that in new partnerships or with new key hires, there are well documented troughs when the partnership can stumble and fall apart? In fact, it’s been proven to happen between three and five months, seven and nine months, and at fifteen months.”

The Advice:

I listened carefully as he reminded me not to get dragged into the day-to-day. To make the time to really get to know Kimberly, our individual motivators and our personality types. That way we can leverage the best of what we both bring to the table as we work together to grow Her Corner.


“This partnership needs to succeed,” he said, “so that you can both build this enormous and important vision.”


And, I thought, it needs to succeed so that I can continue to live our motto that I do not have to build this business alone.


The hardest part is being able to hear these key people over the noise and through the busy-ness of the world we live in. It is possible, but you must chose and want to listen.


So this year, I want to give thanks for all the folks out there who helped redirect and point Her Corner in the direction it needed to go. Thank you. We, and sometimes I, would never be able to do this without you.

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