How It Works

Business owners often reach out either when their business is at a cross-roads, when they have an important decision to make, or when they want to get a better handle on something in their business.

And in some cases, business owners prefer private conversations to group curriculum and programs.


Each month both Kimberly Berger & Frederique Irwin reserve a small number of hours to work one-on-one with business owners who request their help.

When you work with Her Corner, you’re getting consulting not coaching.

What’s the difference?

We’ll work with you ON your business, not just talk you through what you should do.


  1. Private and interactive video sessions
  2. Templates to help you work through specific problems
  3. Spreadsheets to help you manage and stay on top of your financials

Business mentorship sessions are flexible (can be used according to your timeline,) and do not expire. Sessions are available in packages of:

  • 3 Sessions – $1200
  • 6 Sessions – $2400
  • 12 Sessions – $4800

When you purchase a mentoring package, we waive the $99 membership application fee and you automatically join the Her Corner community.

Her Corner Community benefits include:

  • Your business listed at the top of our membership directory
  • Customized introductions to other members in your same directory or geographic area,
  • Access to our private national Facebook group, and
  • Member pricing for our events