How it Works


New accelerator groups starting September 2017.

The Accelerator is a 6-month in-person business growth accelerator program that meets as a group once a month for a full day. The accelerator is offered in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, PA.

The accelerator was designed by women business owners for women business owners who want personalized support + direction as they grow their business.

The program includes guidelines, templates and financial models to help you drive growth & scale in your business. Participants gain the knowledge they need to grow their business &, just as importantly, the confidence that they can do it.

“Through the Her Corner accelerator, I’m now on track to double my business this year. I wouldn’t have set that goal and surely couldn’t have achieved it without my facilitator’s advice and encouragement.”


Accelerator Benefits:
– A curriculum to help you drive growth, & scale in your business
– Focused time and attention to work “on” your business
– A team of business owners to collaborate with about your strategy
– Dedicated time for one-on-one session with a business coach

– 9 seats are offered in each cohort
– No industry competition in your group
– Participants are placed in groups based on current stage of business

– $499 per month
– $699 per month with additional personal coaching each month

– Upcoming group dates are available HERE

“I wanted to let you know that by the end of this year (2016), I will have reached the 2017 financial goal I had set in the program, and maybe even slightly surpassed it!”


Our Business Accelerator Curriculum is developed based on a deep understanding of small business growth strategy. The concepts draw from business concepts used with large companies, and are tweaked specifically for small businesses.

Contrary to many other accelerators, our program focusses on business growth and scaleability, not on the readiness to raise capital. The program is offered in person only, in a classroom-like setting.

Her Corner founder, Frédérique Irwin, teaches many of these concepts at the Kogod School of Business at American University and the curriculum has been successfully applied to nearly 50 companies over the last several years.

The curriculum is broken down into two parts:

Vision, Financials & Strategy

1. Setting the Vision and Goals
2. Defining the Strategy and Understanding the Financials
3. Understanding the Customer Journey & Experience

Implementation & Execution

4. Creating a Marketing Strategy: Including the Business Development Pipeline
5. Time Management Strategies & Performance Tracking
6. Scaling Your Business: Evaluating the Options