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How I Personally Got Rid Of 17 More Things

I’ve been tearing through the book that last week I said I wished I had written, but then a brilliant 18 page (free) e-book showed up that immediately had me donating 5 books, 3 DVDs, a candleholder, 8 more pieces of clothing, and stumbling around my house muttering “Everything must go. Everything must go.”

I’m still devouring the bestselling Japanese book, The Art of Tidying Up, but this is it’s crude, tell-it-like-it-is underdog British cousin – and it works. The proof is in my donations bag. It also claims the url I wish I owned:

Check it out and learn how I got rid of 17 items & helped me declutter my life.

Office Organizing Expert Kacy Paide loves to do what most people hate: organize offices & paper. She works with folks who are desperate for a more functional, more beautiful, more inspiring office. Kacy has been a Professional Organizer since 2001 and has worked with over 500 clients. Call her crazy, but she loves a good mess and wants to fix yours. Based in Silver Spring, MD, Kacy is nationally available for consulting & speaking. Reach her at 202.262.1207 and [email protected]. Learn about Skype consultations or watch video lessons on office organizing here. Receive your free list of 100 Ways to Organize Your Office at

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