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Her Corner Monthly Theme: March 2013

“Finding More Time”

Over and over during our March Her Corner meetings we heard a recurring theme: “I don’t have time,” or “I’m completely strapped for time,” or comments generally related to feeling completely overwhelmed with how much we already do in the time that we have.  As someone who knows these business owners quite well, I can assure you that this is an ambitious and motivated group of women business owners. We’re not filling time with low-level tasks, and in fact, we often look for the tools and solutions to optimize every minute we have. But overall, there appears to be a trend of doing more and more and feeling frustrated and overwhelmed to get it all done. This isn’t just a prioritization discussion; it’s the reality that we face in the world that we live in. The children, the business, the parents, the household, the relationships, the social life, the personal commitments – they are all priorities, and when they all hit at the same time it can be very painful.

One of the best decisions I made this year when setting up Her Corner was to ask for help organizing the back-end operations. I spoke to one of our professional organizers to find out which solutions I could implement that would cut down on the amount of time I personally spend on tasks that were important (like accounting and bookkeeping,) but time intensive (like email.) Today I use technology solutions like ToutApp, Contactually, Dropbox, Fujitsu ScanSnap, and Outright to stay on top of the personal and business parts of my life that can be streamlined more quickly.

When I realized that the theme we were hearing was much the same that I had felt a few months ago, I decided to go back to our members who are in the organizing / time-saving business industries and ask them for both their advice and their offers to Her Corner members.

As always, from all of us here at Her Corner, we hope you will enjoy learning from your fellow members and maybe even take advantage of one of their offers!

Here’s to your continued business success!

Frederique Irwin
Founder, Her Corner 

 Kay Bransford of MemoryBanc on The Cost of Disorganization for US Families 

 Penny Catterall of Order your Life on Stop Drowning in your Email and Say Goodbye to Accounting

 Dr. Katherine Morris of Feng Shui Psychology on 10 Tips for Organizing your Space and Time Using Feng Shui Psychology

 Kacy Paide of The Inspired Office on how to Organize your Desktop with File Boxes and How Long Should I Keep Records?

 Ketura Persellin of The Wardrobe Workshop on In the Closet Lose the Stress and Find the Joy and Packing Made Painless

 Carly Poppalardo of Real Organized VA on Tackling To-Do List Chaos

 Rachel Strisik of Rachel and Company on Getting Organized as a Business Owner: Your Time & Your Home Office

 Kay Bransford of MemoryBanc offers Her Corner members 10 percent OFF all MemoryBanc products and services (use “SHEROCKS” coupon code)

Penny Catterall of Order Your Life offers Her Corner members 2 hours free of organizing services with a package of 8 hours purchased

Ann Eichenberger of Your Personal Assistant DC offers Her Corner members 10% OFF for estate clean-outs and a 10% referral fee for new clients

• Dr. Katherine Morris of Feng Shui Psychology offers Her Corner members a Feng Shui Psychology analysis of a Room of your choosing plus a Five Element Personality Assessment for $250

Sara Oliveri of Sara Oliveri Coaching offers Her Corner members 15% OFF organizational training services

Kacy Paide of The Inspired Office offers Her Corner members a 3-hour of in-person office organizing for $300 through April 15

Ketura Persellin of The Wardrobe Workshop offers Her Corner members a 20% discount

Carly Poppalardo of Real Organized VA offers Her Corner members 15% OFF a regular session package of hands on organizing services or 10% OFF event planning services

•  Rachel Strisik of Rachel and Company offers Her Corner members 15% OFF regular prices for services

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