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Her Corner Monthly Theme: July 2013

"We need a little HELP!"

Last week I had the pleasure of catching up with our facilitators who ran Her Corner meetings in July. We spoke about some of the member suggestions and changes we could make for the new 2013 / 2014 year and we spoke about the general themes that were echoed across all the groups, from Silver Spring, MD, to Dupont Circle, DC, and to Leesburg, VA.
Consistently, the most commonly heard theme in July was the topic of growth through hiring – and the fears associated with not only adding staff to our companies, but also hiring strategically, and delegating not only responsibilities, but also our brands. Along this same theme, we also heard about the challenge of keeping an eye on why we started these businesses in the first place, and the desire to outsource the mundane tasks so that we could focus more on working on the parts of the businesses that we love.
We have such a wealth of resources and knowledge within the Her Corner member community, that we reached out to our Her Corner members with HR companies and asked them for their advice on this topic. Despite the summer vacation schedules, we received some great member-written articles and we also did some research on our own; below you will find some articles we recommend on the theme of hiring and staffing. 
We also went into our private member network and pulled out the “offers” from Her Corner members with HR companies, and have shared them below. Before you look outside the network to help you grow your business, remember the amazing resources available to you right around you! (And remember to keep your own profiles up to date so that we can do the same for your business when the next theme / topic comes up that touches on your industry.)
As always, from all of us here at Her Corner, we hope you will enjoy learning from your fellow members and maybe even take advantage of one of their offers! I look forward to seeing you all at the end of the month at the August Speaker Series!

Here's to your continued business success! 

Frederique Irwin
Founder, Her Corner 

Talmar Anderson of Personal Business Administrators, LLC offers Her Corner Members $75.00 off the Business Management Bootcamp, or 15% off the first month of consulting. Use promo code "HCRocks" when you register
Marcia Call of Talentfront offers free assessments of recruiting operations for all Her Corner members
Mimi Darmstadter of My Life’s Work offers all Her Corner members (or member's immediate family) to enjoy a 10% discount off individual coaching services
Kelli Kolling of West Coaching Network offers discounted rates for Her Corner members
Molly Lindblom of Business Transformations offers discounted rates to Her Corner members
Laura Lund of HRD Solutions, LLC offers a complimentary 30-minute phone call to discuss:

  1. Acceptable and unacceptable questions to ask in interviews
  2. Tips and best practices on behavioral interviewing 

Courtenay Shipley of Fiducia Group offers discounted rates to Her Corner members
Dana Taylor of Intelligent Ethos®, Inc. invites all Her Corner members to enjoy a 10% discount on their "LinkedIn Connections – Sales Pipeline Search, Analysis, and Discovery" service
Elizabeth Yoder of P3Hired offers:

  1. Resume and Interview Coaching Packages : receive 15% off of services
  2. Recruitment Search Services: discounted fees offered to Her Corner members

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