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Her Corner Monthly Theme: January 2013

“Is it possible we all feel this way?”

On January 2nd we held our first Her Corner meeting of the year, and immediately I felt something different – momentum, yes, motivation, plans and ambition, check, check, check, but something else too. I noticed a high amount of anxiety and stress, along the lines of: ‘I don’t have enough time to get everything done, I don’t have enough time for me, I need a break, I’m worried about burning out, I’m so tired of the daily grind.’ Perhaps, I thought, this was unique to this particular group. And then the month progressed, and Talmar, Jenn, Maxine and I ran 10 more groups, and low and behold, this was a theme coursing through all of our Her Corner groups.

Maybe it was a combination of post-holiday blues coupled with the New Year sense responsibility to do something differently in 2013 than we had in 2012. Either way, we knew right away, this wasn’t a theme about productivity, better strategies, getting more organized – this was a conversation about taking care of ourselves. Making sure that our business didn’t consume our lives, and that our lives (our health, our hearts, and our heads,) were happy too.

We asked our Her Corner members whose businesses are focused exclusively on wellness and stress management to share some of their favorite articles on how we can take better care of ourselves via fitness, relaxation, yoga, nutrition, and wellness to maintain the strength we need to run these businesses. Below to the left are some of the articles we selected that touch on these topics. We also checked our Her Corner private network for offers that Her Corner members were making to other members. Below to the right are some of the offers from our wellness-industry members made exclusively to other Her Corner members – a lovely way to find the support we need within the Her Corner community!

From all of us here at Her Corner, we hope you will enjoy learning from your fellow members and maybe even take advantage of one of their offers!

Here’s to good health in business and in life in 2013!


Coach Mimi Darmstadter on preparing yourself for some “unscheduled leave” (taking a short-term moratorium on some relentless activity (or even a relentless thought or emotion))

 And for our busy moms, how can we fit in any exercise when our day is consumed with business and kids? Fitness expert (and new mom,) Melissa Farley shares her secrets to fitting it in (hint: she gets creative!)

 Certified Yoga instructor Kelly Newsome shares self-care and stress management strategies in this inspiring article called “The pursuit of Imperfection” – and how Yoga helps! She also shares her “All time favorite Self-care Secret”

Want to stay healthy this flu-season? Holistic Health Counselor (HHC), Linda Petursdottir shares her 3 Simple Steps To Boost The Immune System

 Krista Riddley of Imagine Me Fitness shares best practices for fitting in fitness in the busiest of times

Fitness Expert Shay de Silva talks about how exercise can help you drive more revenue. (Did you know people who exercise regularly earn about 9% more than those who skip working out?)

Jen Young of Spitfire Fitness talks about how to “Create Fitness Rituals to Reduces Stress”

Justine Bernard – Her Corner members receive one $25 introductory private session in Gyrotonic or Pilates exercise (50% OFF) or one $50 Myofascial stretching or massage session (57% OFF)

• Rebecca Dallek – Offers 10% OFF coaching sessions to anyone referred through the Her Corner network

Mimi Darmstadter – Her Corner members (or member’s immediate family) enjoy a 10% discount OFF individual coaching services

Shay de Silva – All Her Corner members enjoy 20% OFF all subscriptions services

Melissa Farley – Her Corner members receive 10% OFF an initial 10-pack of personal training sessions

Saphira Ortega – All Her Corner Members enjoy 15% OFF of all Saffron Studios Classes and Products

Linda Petursdottir – Her Corner members will receive a 20% Discount of the upcoming “New Year, New You” Winter Detox Program

Krista Riddley – Her Corner members will receive 10% OFF any wellness or weight loss coaching package

Pleasance Silicki – Her Corner members receive 15% OFF class passes at Lil Omm Yoga

Jen Young – Offers discounted rates on fitness sessions to other Her Corner members

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