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Her Corner Is Heading Back To Our Roots

At the beginning of March we were completely immersed in the middle of a transition – a move to a B2B model where we would deliver in person Accelerators for other corporate companies in various cities. In essence, white labeling the Her Corner Accelerator.

And then Friday March 13th hit and everything changed.

In person was out. Virtual was in. Travel was out. Working from home was in.

And what were our members really looking for?


We successfully transformed our all-day Accelerator meetings to shorter, virtual meetings. We created new virtual groups for our private coaching clients to come together for peer group support and business feedback. And then it hit us.

We have been struggling to figure out how to scale Her Corner and bring our proven content and peer group model to cities around the country. But we had the answer all along. Way back when Her Corner started, small groups of women met in each other’s homes once a month. As Her Corner grew and matured, we built a robust curriculum that has helped thousands of women grow their businesses. Along the way, the in-person groups became trickier: finding the right women, in the same city, ready to meet at the same time, became a logistical headache that was unscalable.

But with the realization that in-person meetings are unlikely to happen for now, and that technology allows us to meet virtually, suddenly we realized that anyone can participate in our peer groups. All of those women who have reached out to us over the years from California to Ohio to Louisiana, now we have a way to bring them into the Her Corner family.

And so we have pivoted – back to our roots – back to Groups.

Women are struggling right now, in so many ways. So we’re going to do what women do best. We’re going to come together and help one another out.

Compared to our flagship Accelerator program Groups are:

  • Shorter, virtual meetings
  • At a lower price point
  • Structured meeting with business topics, frameworks, and opportunities for collaboration and support

Women need community and collaboration now more than ever – see the agenda through December here.

If you’ve been feeling like you’re trying to figure this out on your own, while the world around you changes daily, we understand.

Come join us.

And if you are curious to learn whether Groups may be right for you, sign up to learn more on July 31st!

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