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Her Corner Announces Outside Investment and New President & COO

As many of you may remember, I was a bit heartbroken last summer when my strategy for growth (via a merger with Los Angeles-based Smarty) didn’t work out as I had hoped. I went back to the drawing board to ask myself, yet again, how in the world I could scale Her Corner in order to bring it to women around the world.

A year later, I am happy to share that I *think* I have figured it out, and I know I won’t be able to do it alone. I’m happy to share that Her Corner is bringing on a new President and COO and taking on outside funding to help us expand our reach.

Today, we are excited to announce that Kimberly Berger will join the management team of Her Corner as President and COO (I will remain CEO). We have also entered into an agreement with Ames Watson Capital, a local investment fund. I am thrilled to have found both a business partner and an investor who will put us in a better position to market Her Corner services on a national and global scale.

Many of you may recognize Kimberly from recent Her Corner events. We have been working together for several months; she has helped me run our accelerator programs and has joined me at our monthly LPQ coffee meetings and local networking events. Kimberly is a seasoned digital marketing and strategy consultant who holds an MBA from Wharton. She has worked with venture-backed companies as well as large, publicly traded companies. She will lead one of our accelerator groups this Fall and will also provide private coaching for companies who need extra marketing strategy and support.

I am also happy to share that we have re-launched our website, an endeavor that we took on in order to extend our new brand across all mediums and also to bring some of our programs (like our 10-day educational programs) online for anyone to take at her own pace.

We’ve made numerous other changes this year, all with an eye towards growth. We brought on new strategic partners like StreetShares, a company that can help women get access to funding to grow their businesses. We’ve expanded our accelerator program to meet the demand from women who need additional education and guidance on how to grow. We’ve made private coaching publicly available to women business owners everywhere. And finally, we’ve turned our peer group model upside down – we can teach anyone, anywhere in the world how to launch, run and manage her own business peer group in her community.

Now you can see why I needed not just a business partner to implement this vision, but also outside investment to help us spread the word that we are here to help women business owners!

And now you know why I have been a bit quiet lately! With these major changes finalized, we will be reaching out to each of you, by membership level, to explain the many new benefits that we are adding to each membership level. I also hope I’ll be able to see many of you at our upcoming speaker series and networking events (or online via Zoom for some of our education programs!)

Thank you for your patience as we have finalized all these changes. As always, I am so grateful for your support, your encouragement to think bigger, and your belief in what we are building.


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