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Happy New Year!

There is no doubt that in the nearly ten years that we have run Her Corner programs for women business owners, we have never seen anything like 2020. Not only that, we can attest to the fact that no one, not a single member or facilitator, saw this one coming.

The impact on women has been significant: both in the impact to our businesses as well as to our mental health and stability.

While historically Her Corner has not touched the topics of funding or wellness, we made some exceptions in 2020, and we are happy that we did.

– Whether that involved digging into the PPP outcomes for women and producing a report that helped women fare better in round two, or

– Whether asking our members who run mental health practices to present on the challenges we were feeling and facing, or

– Simply keeping the lines of communication open about the PPP process: which bankers were being helpful and which were best to avoid …

And like many of you, we had to pivot overnight.

  1. Our traditional Accelerator program was put on hold and we re-introduced our Peer Group model – a shorter, virtual, flexible peer group model with content based on current economic indicators affecting small business owners.
  2. We re-introduced printed materials to go along with the new peer groups, as we felt that so many of us might like a little something to do off-screen.
  3. And one of the biggest upsides to 2020: we began to recruit and welcome business owners from all over the United States, and even in Europe, to join our peer groups!

The summer was a hard one. As our country faced a reckoning with social injustice, we asked ourselves what we could do. We began to give grants to women of color, to be used towards their Peer Group membership dues, in an effort to do our part in supporting our black women friends.

Lastly, there is one thing that we are more proud of than anything else – and that is our team. And especially, our facilitators!

The Her Corner organization has come together through this pandemic like nothing we have ever experienced, and for that, we are incredibly grateful.

Here’s to peace, health, and happiness.

Buh-bye 2020.

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