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How to Master “Less is More” Part 3

In my last posts, How to Master Less is More Part 1 and Part 2,  I proposed three reasons for failure to achieve more by doing less, which is the hallmark principle of those who are able to live magical lives. The first two were explained. Now for the last reason. As a reminder, essentially, most folks:

1) are perfectionists,

2) believe their value increases the more they do, and

3) fear that when some thing hits their desk, it won’t get done if not done right away.

Limiting belief number three has formed over time for most folks. You may have ahistory of procrastinating something if you don’t do it as soon as you learn of the need. Productivity experts often differ on how we should approach including new tasks and projects into our work flow. Some tell us to have a system of reminders or lists, some way to capture them for later handling. You may have a priority system where you label all your to do’s according to importance and time sensitivity. All of these are great ideas–however, this post is going to look at why you don’t consistently implement them.

The main limiting belief I see that drives this (and other business issues such as delegation, recruitment, and collaboration) is, “There’s no body but me.”

I recently spoke about this at a conference. Click here for the excerpt video. As we have discussed, limiting beliefs fly under the radar. You may consciously and logically believe otherwise, but subconsciously, you’re playing this program without realizing it.

Before we talk about how this belief is negatively impacting you, let’s acknowledge there’s a reason why you formed the belief, and it served you in many ways. When your mind realized at an earlier age that you were it (in a certain situation-maybe at school, maybe at home, etc.), you became resourceful. You learned independence. You learned how to get things done without relying on others. You may have even become very efficient during this time.

Later, this belief plays out in a number of ways that don’t serve you:

1) When something hits your desk, you have to do it because if you don’t, no one else will. An expired program that helped you at an earlier time has your mind thinking you’re it. It’s your automatic response because you’re used to doing it yourself. And, you assume others think you are it, so you’re letting them down if you don’t do it.

2) You don’t stop to think about whether it’s something you could delegate or prioritize for later.

3) Sometimes your task isn’t done right or as fast as it could have been because you did it.

4) You end up doing all the work on whatever team you are on, for business, pleasure, or in your community.

5) You don’t have time to get it all done so your life is out of balance personally and professionally.

6) You manifest chronic physical issues because your stressed.

7) Your auto-pilot is trained to respond to whatever is in front of you. This is fine if you don’t have email or your phone on because you’ll stay focused. However, in this digital age, you are easily reached, so you are easily distracted away from your priorities. It’s a never-ending cycle of “to do’s” because notification that something needs your attention takes you away from one thing to another.

8) This leads a day of being nickled and dimed. You think, well, this won’t take very long. And, your mind does a quick scan to do all the things that won’t take very long. Then, what’s left is another day gone by not doing the bigger, more important projects. You are left feeling like you got nothing done.

So, what do we do about this? First, clear the limiting belief that’s driving this behavior. The truth is that, “there’s no body but me” was really only true for a limited time period-hence, why it’s a limiting belief. In the wider scheme of your life, especially now that you are no longer limited to a particular circumstance, environment or group of people (i.e. like when your’e younger), you have a whole universe of connections. If you need help doing spotting and clearing your exact limiting belief, Bridgenosis works fast and permanently.

Second, create awareness around your pattern and cut off your communications and how people access you for the extended periods of time needed to accomplish your bigger, higher priority tasks. (And take the other advice you received from productivity coaches-the ideas that resonated, that is.)

Third, let your internal compass control your discretion and decision-making. When we do Bridgenosis, we are doing just this-switch your auto-pilot to following your wise internal GPS device. Instead of being on auto-pilot, be present in real time with your wisest self trusting it to say yes and no. Trust yourself to know what you need to do and what you need to delegate. Trust yourself to meet the right people when forming teams. Trust yourself to let go of what doesn’t really need to be done. After a short while, others will adjust and find better resources for solving their problems.

And, finally, know that it’s ok to have nothing to do at times or to give your permission to refrain from doing. This goes back to part 2’s post. The more speaking I do, the more I find that our culture really struggles with being. So, I created an audio mind-shifter to tackle this limiting belief. You can get it here (second product: ““My Wise Internal Compass is My Value”).

Do you have trouble getting to what’s most important? Relate to any of this? Leave your story, questions, and/or tips in the comments.


Laura Palmer’s business, Bridgenosis® is a hypnotherapy program that helps you rewrite recurring thought patterns, or “limiting beliefs”, for the better. They create a bridge between the conscious and subconscious so that positive, creative suggestions can be communicated to your subconscious mind.

Before starting her own company, Laura practiced as an attorney, focusing on labor and employment litigation and counseling. She also served as a political appointee to the U.S. Department of Labor and practiced as a transactional, corporate attorney.

You can read her profile HERE.

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