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You Need a Good Driver and a Good Pit Crew

At a recent Accelerator meeting, a Her Corner member was sharing an “a-ha” moment she had recently had. She is currently a solo-preneur with more business than she knows what to do with. The only way for her to continue to grow her business is to grow her team. To say this has required an evolution in her thinking is an understatement. As I’ve written about here before, many women business owners get in their own way by insisting that they are the only ones who can do everything the business requires.


But the real lightbulb moment for this member came when she realized that it wasn’t just that she needed to grow her team by throwing bodies at a problem, but that the quality of the people she hired, and the processes and procedures she put in place for them, really mattered. Her business, and all businesses really, need a good driver (the business owner) and a good pit crew (the rest of the team plus the processes and procedures).

What do I mean by this?

If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. If the pit manager hired the best four tire-changers, the best oil changer, and the best person to fill the gas tank, the race still might be a disaster if everyone tried to do their jobs all at the same time. People would crash into each other, gas and oil would get spilled on the ground, and no one could do her job as efficiently as needed. The brilliance of the pit crew system is that each person is part of a perfectly choreographed dance. The gas filler goes in first and then steps out of the way as the tank fills. This opens up space for the tire changers to move in and get their jobs done. The oil filler steps in when it is the right time.

By having clear roles and responsibilities outlined and clear procedures for everyone to do the work, the results are much better than if everyone rushed the car at the same time.

So here is the challenge for you to consider: How good is your pit crew? Do you have the right people in place? Are their roles and responsibilities clear to the entire team? Do you have the necessary procedures in place that will allow each member of your team to get her job done in the most efficient way possible to produce the best results?

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