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Goals! Set, Plan, Achieve.

A client turned to me recently and said, “I don’t know what my originally stated goals were, but…”


Because this is a problem.

How can I be held accountable as a trainer for helping you achieve your goals if you aren’t clear on what those goals are? How can YOU be held accountable if you don’t even know what you are working towards?

So let’s talk about GOALS today.

Setting a goal should be something you do before you start to change your behavior. It should be something attainable, realistic and positive. Goals can change over time – but you should always have a goal in mind.

They can be simple: “I want to maintain my weight and fitness level”.

They can be specific: “I want to run a 10k” or “I want to lose 5 lbs.”.

They can be in regards to changing a habit: “I want to quit smoking”.

Or they can be somewhat generic “I want to feel stronger”.

They should NEVER be unrealistic, too ambitious, negative, or personality changing. For example, “I want a gap between my thighs” when you have NEVER had a gap between your thighs, is not realistic or helpful. Read this wonderful blog post if you want a deeper understanding of why setting unrealistic goals may be thwarting your path to a healthy relationship with your body. “I am never going to eat bread or drink wine again” when your most favorite thing in the world is a glass of Malbec with a fresh warm loaf and some wonderful olive oil won’t stick…It is better for you to identify easy things for you to change first – limiting frequency of consumption or quantity of your favorites, increasing your movement, substituting lean proteins and veggies for all dinners (instead of pasta)…so that you can ENJOY that wine and bread. Also, identify why you want to cut those favorites. Are they making you sick? Do you think they are thwarting your weight loss? Are you drinking so much at night that you can’t workout? That will help you to set a more specific and realistic goal.

Make sense?

You are who you are…wonderful, complex, and imperfect. We are all. So embrace who you are and find support systems that support YOU…not Gisele.

So get stronger! Lose that 10 lbs you have always wanted to by starting to work with a trainer, starting to make the time for daily walks, and by cutting calories slowly (and, perhaps, by working with a nutritionist to identify easy ways to go about this)! Commit to a yoga practice to help you meditate and loosen up!

Set a goal. Set a plan for achieving that goal. And stop making excuses.


FITmama Melissa Farley is not only a mama and a FITgal, she’s also the founder of FITtrition! And since it’s Mother’s Day week, we’re kicking off our FITgal Profiles series with the one and only FITmama! So pull up a chair, and get to know the FITgal that started it all… Melissa Farley is also a Her Corner Facilitator. Learn more about about Melissa by clicking HERE.

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