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Get The Heck Out Of No Man’s Land

Did you ever play tennis and hear your coach yell at you to get the heck out of no man’s land? Get out of that spot between the base line and the service line? I used to get yelled at all the time to get out of there, because, as I was told, when you’re there, you’re nowhere. You need to be in one place or the other in order to win.

In business, the minute you start doubting whether or not you want to grow your company or perhaps quit entirely and go back to a J-O-B, you start treating your business differently. It’s a really bad place to be. In fact, around here, it’s the new version of no man’s land.

Here are three reasons why it’s such a bad place to be and one simple way to get the heck out of there!

  1. No one knows how to help you. If you tell people you have a business but you’re also looking for a job, no one wants to send you referral business because they don’t know whether you’re still going to be around!
  2. You don’t really know what you want – which then leads to not knowing what to do! If you’re not sure about growing your business, you can’t make decisions about whether to invest in or market your business. Likewise, if you’re not 100% sure about wanting a J-O-B, you can’t fully commit to the search.
  3. You end up doing neither thing well. You can’t commit to your business, and you can’t commit to a J-O-B search. You’re literally in no man’s land where nothing moves forward.

Here’s how to get out of no man’s land:

You need to believe in order to grow. To believe in what you’re doing, in your business, in the path forward. It is the single most important mental activity that must happen in order to succeed.

I’ve seen people achieve goals that seemed insane because they were so convinced that they could. I’ve seen others fall behind because they didn’t act with conviction – they didn’t believe. If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, you stop giving it everything it needs to succeed.

Pick a line – either line. But then be there, fully committed, and believe in why you’re there. Otherwise, trust me when I tell you that it will show up in your bottom line.

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