Her Corner, Message from the Founder

Forget Inspirational Quotes. You Need This Instead.

Every so often I’ll be perusing Facebook or Instagram and come across a quote that inspires me – for about one minute.


As quickly as it strikes a chord, it is forgotten as I move on to whatever the heck else is grabbing at my attention.


Quotes are great, but let’s be real. There is no quote in the world that will alter your behavior or change your life.


The only thing that will, is this….




You need to aspire to have something or be like someone.




Then you have a road map. You can reverse-engineer your way to that thing or to who that person is today.


You can ask yourself:

  • Where did she start?
  • What choices did she make?
  • How did she position herself?
  • How did she get there?


You can literally recreate the process she took so you can follow a similar one.


So please, let’s skip all the cute inspirational quotes. Instead let’s get crystal clear on what we want to aspire to.


Because aspiration … well, that’s where the behavioral shifts happen.

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