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Focusing On Strengths, Not Failures

A train approaches. Humans shuffle on and off. I sit here with all my traveling possessions at Central Station in Copenhagen. I wait. I wait for the next stop on this fortuitous journey all thanks to being asked to speak at a conference. Although some say I am lucky for being here right now, I remember vividly the hard journey it took to get to this moment.

Watching Sisarina’s journey, I think of all of the transitions. All the learning moments. ALL of them. The first employee, the first office, the first laptop purchase. The hand-drawn logo and the yearly redesign of the website. Team members, contractors, interns… laughter. Office lunches, Starbucks, and pancakes. Clients – for better or for worse.

The clients who loved us and raved about us to the world. The clients who couldn’t be appeased. The clients caught in our transitions in processes and in people. The clients who wanted the world. The clients we wanted to give the world to. The clients who loved us no matter our faults. The clients who taught us everything about what to do AND what not to do. The clients who helped us change our fine print. The clients who allowed us to refocus.

Why is it that we remember all of our faults
more than our greatness?
Sisarina was launched as a web marketing company in 2009 because that’s what I knew best. We wanted to change the world by helping business owners get the word out about themselves, and websites were the way to go. Until we realized that the website wasn’t the hub, it was the strategy. And the internet was changing… again.
So many times I saw my failures and our team’s failures more clearly than our strengths. With long hours, exhaustion, and losing a sense of excitement, I looked into the eyes of everyone else like mirrors telling me & us what was wrong and what we needed to fix. It pushed me to do everything to get better. As a boss, as a manager, as a team, as a company, as a service provider. But I was focused on the wrong thing.
Just because you’ve always done something
doesn’t mean you have to continue.
I believe there is beauty and joy in everything. Even when we can’t see it at first. And I wholeheartedly believe that everyone should focus on their strength, their gift – that thing they’re called to do. Beauty and joy will just show up. Forward momentum, no matter how slow, will get us where we need to go at just the right time. When we focus on our weaknesses, we can only move backward.
My calling is to make your calling
the thing that supports you.
This has brought me to today. Welcome to the updated, energized, focused, and renewed Sisarina. It’s not really a relaunch, more of a refocus. The focus is on living our brand by playing to our strengths and yours. Personally, my strength is being an approachable badass. I get people to go deep and then push them past their edge. And as a team, Sisarina rocks brand strategy like it’s our job. Wait… it IS our job!
Most overnight successes have been years in the making.
You’ve seen plenty of changes over the last 18 months. We moved to Capitol Hill, transitioned most of our team members into companies that fit their talents, hired contractors to help us with the things we love to do most, started Brands That Rock, and I even found a sanctuary of my own. Bailey and Griffin are still along for the ride, and one of our clients loved working with us so much that we hired her part-time. (Hi Beth!)
Now you can help us live our brand and find your own success in the journey. Take a walk through our updated site and you’ll see plans for Entrepreneurs, Corporate Strategy and even the all-new Sisarina Alliance vendor program. You’ll notice that we’ve started updating our portfolio, changed how we do Cup of Inspiration, and we’re starting the hunt for my very own personal assistant.
There is a renewing of excitement about where we’re going because this time, we can focus on what we’re damn good at. And we get to help you focus on what YOU’RE damn good at. Thanks for letting us be a part of your journey and for being patient with us in ours.
As the Chief Inspiration Officer of Sisarina, a DC-based brand strategy company, Melanie Spring built her business with a strong content marketing strategy. With an innate sense for social media, connecting with her customers, and building a culture around Sisarina’s quirky brand, Melanie teaches businesses and non-profits how to rock their brand. She toured the US on the Live Your Brand Tour collecting stories from businesses living their brand, which is now published in Entrepreneur Magazine.  Learn more about Melanie & Sisarina HERE.

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