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Featured Entrepreneur: Yael Krigman

Can I tell you about Yael, and what I love about her business?

By now it is no secret that Yael is a phenomenal baker; you don’t have to take my word for it, just ask the Washingtonian or the White House Blog on women entrepreneurs! She is a lawyer turned entrepreneur who is changing the baking landscape here in Washington. But you know what I love most about Yael’s business? I love her passion and her drive. Nothing is going to stop this woman; no amount of obstacles and hurdles are going to derail her from seeing her business succeed. She uses creativity, curiosity, and collaboration to find answers, think through problems, and get to the next step. I love the example she is setting for other entrepreneurs and the reminder she provides that while building a business is not easy, it can be done!

Yael is a member of our AU / Cleveland Park group,
and she’s an extraordinary entrepreneur and a woman to watch!


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