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Featured Entrepreneur: Saphira

Can I tell you about Saphira, and what I love about her business?

Saphira is the founder of Saphron Dance and Sprout at Saphron, two complimentary businesses that she founded after leaving behind a career in law. Her first business, Saphron Dance, has become the premiere belly-dancing studio in the Washington DC area and is on a terrific growth trajectory. Sprout, located next door, provides a haven for children to play and learn while parents can take dance lessons, practice yoga, or even take advantage of shared workspace. The fact that Saphira was able to bring together two unique and complimentary businesses is why she is today's featured entrepreneur. 

What I love about Saphira’s businesses is her capacity for big vision. When she thinks about her businesses, she constantly asks how she can leverage what she’s already built to create more scale in her business. For example, Saphira was able to look at her existing dance studio and see an opportunity to build a new business perfectly tailored to her existing client base, but in a new market. She understood her customer base, and knew that many of them had children and would love a place to drop them off while they took a class at her studio. I am also inspired watching her seek for ways in which to improve her businesses, to improve and extend the service offerings, and her deep understanding of her customers and what they may need (for example knowing that sometimes a parent just needs a quiet work space while the kids are playing safely somewhere nearby.) She has expanded, improved, and reworked her business model and is now on an ambitious growth plan. And she has somehow managed to combine her ambition with a humbleness that is extraordinarily endearing; I can’t wait to see where she takes her businesses in 2013.

Saphira is a member of our Arlington group, and she’s an extraordinary entrepreneur and a woman to watch!


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