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Featured Entrepreneur: Rachel Strisik

Can I tell you about Rachel, and what I love about her business?

Rachel Strisik is the founder of Rachel & Co. a professional organizing company in Bethesda, MD. Her company receives rave reviews from clients and is consistently featured in the media. Many of us in Her Corner have often asked ourselves how Rachel manages to run all aspects of her business so successfully, while also raising young children! What makes Rachel our featured entrepreneur is how she looks at a service-based business with certain inherent constraints (e.g. billable time and billable rates,) and continues to innovate both her business and her product offering.

What I love about Rachel’s business is her thorough understanding that most service companies face a common challenge: either you raise your rates until you can’t, you work more hours until you can’t, or you hire more and more people to manage work that you oversee. But what happens when you don’t want to run a large company with lots of employees? How do you continue to grow by coming up with creative solutions at different price points and in geographically dispersed locations? This is exactly what Rachel has done. She has created innovative product offerings that allow her to productize a service-based business and also expand beyond her local market by using technology and smart communication tools. We love creative growth strategies and we love watching Rachel in action!

Rachel is a member of our Bethesda, MD group,
and she’s an extraordinary entrepreneur
and a woman to watch!



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