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Featured Entrepreneur: Michelle Mitchell

Featured Entrepreneur

Why Michelle Kelsey Mitchell is a woman we admire: 

Near my home there is a church that has placed T-shirts on crosses on their front lawn. Each T-shirt represents a child who died of gun violence this year. It is a sobering sight. You may be surprised to hear that we have non-profit companies as members in Her Corner. But why wouldn't we? These organizations also need to run their businesses and consider growth in doing so. And when I tell you about Michelle, you will understand why she is a woman we (REALLY) admire! 

Michelle is the founder of YoKid, a non-profit created to help underserved kids and teens confront the challenges of stress and obesity by increasing their self awareness, concentration levels and physical activity through yoga. To date, YoKid has facilitated over 4,620 kid's yoga classes in the Greater DC Area, and introduced yoga to more than 2,000 kids and teens. Of YoKid kids & teens surveyed, 92% reported that yoga helped with concentration and 88% reported that yoga helped them feel calm. In today's world of gun violence and aggression in schools, can you see why YoKid is so critical?

Michelle has built this business one step at a time. She has built a board, developed an impressive annual report, and on Monday will be teaching Yoga at the White House Easter Egg Roll in front of 30,000 people. In order to share awareness of their mission, she hosts regular Happy Hours called "Planks and Pints" and I hope to see you at the next one in May! 
Watch this VIDEO about YoKid! and join me on May 31st to support this wonderful organization. 

Michelle is a member of our Alexandria, VA group and she is an extraordinary entrepreneur and a woman to watch!

With sincere thanks for supporting our women-owned businesses, 

Frédérique C. Irwin
Founder and CEO
Her Corner


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