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Featured Entrepreneur: Michael Helene

Can I tell you about Michael, and what I love about her business?

Michael Helene is the founder of Michael Helene Salon Gallery in Sterling, Virginia. Her beautiful storefront reflects a vision developed over years of studying, teaching, and serving high-end clients in the hair and beauty industry, coupled with a long-time passion for art. Michael’s salon offers customers both a luxurious salon experience coupled with an opportunity to enjoy art from local artisans. While combining a salon experience with art is strategic, what makes Michael our featured entrepreneur is how she launched a brick-and-mortar store in 2011 and quickly came up with a way to improve cash flow following the high investment costs of opening her salon. 

What I love about Michael’s business is her ability to simultaneously create an exceptional customer experience that also drives additional cash flow for her business. While coming in for hair and beauty services, customers are encouraged to browse and learn about the art displayed around the salon. Not only does Michael promote and showcase local artists, she also encourages the artists to visit her store to talk about their work, thereby creating an engaging atmosphere for her clients. The artist’s success is also her success, something that helped her manage the early days of her salon from a revenue perspective. But today the collaboration also highlights another side of business: she has created a business for herself that also supports other small business owners by offering them a place to display their products and gain access to potential clients. This sense of giving back to the community of entrepreneurs is what customers feel and understand when they visit her salon, further driving her success.

Michael is a member of our Leesburg group, and she’s an extraordinary entrepreneur and a woman to watch!

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