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Featured Entrepreneur: Mariesa Dale

Featured Entrepreneur

Can I tell you about Mariesa, and what I love about her business?

Mariesa Dale is the founder of Solid DC, a creative firm that combines high-end brand development with future-friendly web design. (For those of you who received one of our stickers at our last event, she is also the talented artist behind our “suck it up cupcake” stickers!) Most recently she is also the founder of The DC Device Lab, the very first device lab in Washington DC (a device lab is a place where software developers can pay to test their products on various devices and operating systems.) She is not only a very talented business owner, she is also a doer, someone who can spot opportunity, and mobilize resources, time, and energy to get something done.

What makes Mariesa this month’s ‘Woman We Admire‘ is the implementation of her vision. In just a few short months, Mariesa was able to raise awareness for the need for a device lab in Washington, and to convince both private and public organizations (including the District’s Office of Deputy Major for Planning and Economic Development,) to make donations. As she recently told the Washington Post, “We tout ourselves as having this D.C. tech hub, but we have no device lab, … Okay, I’m available to do that.” Mariesa even managed to get Mayor Vincent Gray to attend her ribbon cutting ceremony!

Mariesa is an example of a woman who not only works hard to build her own business and produce extraordinary work and services for her own clients, but who also can see a need to improve the community overall and gets to work to make her city better.

Mariesa is a member of our Tysons group, and she is an extraordinary entrepreneur and woman to watch!

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