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Featured Entrepreneur: Krista Riddley

Featured Entrepreneur

Can I tell you about Krista, and what I love about her business?

Dana Taylor

Krista Riddley is a fitness and nutrition expert focused on working with African-American women who are overweight or obese, and/or are on the way to having a health condition, have been diagnosed with one, or are already taking medication for one – diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. How wonderfully specific and clear is that? Over the summer the most amazing thing happened with Krista and her business: she narrowed her target market, shifted her vision, applied focus, and made some incredible strides. In a few shorts months, Krista re-launched a website, wrote a book, and secured several speaking engagements targeted to her new market.
The reason she is this month’s Woman we Admire is because when she decided to focus on one market, African American women who are overweight or obese, she also successfully brought together two things: 1) something she was passionate about (helping this population,) with 2) something she loves to do (nutrition and fitness.) And that is where the magic happens.
As soon as she made this shift, Krista was able to see clearly the kind of services she wanted to offer, the topics she wanted to speak about, even the content she wanted to write about. Over the summer, Krista launched a new website, created a new Facebook page, wrote a new book called The Soul Sister’s Guide to Reclaiming Your Body and Renewing Your Life, and secured several speaking opportunities. (Talk about not taking the summer off; she even looks, sounds, and talks differently!) I can't wait to watch Krista's business grow as her focus and passions align. 
Krista is a member of our Bethesda group, and she is an extraordinary entrepreneur and woman to watch!


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