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Featured Entrepreneur: Jennifer Roberts

Featured Entrepreneur

You should really know what Jennifer Roberts is up to, and here's why: 

Jennifer Roberts is the founder of Conspire Coaching and Consulting, a coaching firm for professional women at all stages of their lives. Her firm offers a collaborative process to create a career and life designed for success and fulfillment, and in particular Jen's firm uses coaching circles to enlist the power and insight of other women who are similarly committed to growth and success. Conspire and Her Corner share a similar philosophy with respect to the power of a group to help move the individual forward. 
What makes Jen this month's 'Woman We Admire' is her "Emerging Women Leaders" program. As we all know, Sheryl Sandberg did a beautiful job of relaunching the conversation to encourage women to lean in and continue their push towards leadership positions in the workforce. And LeanIn circles are a great way for women to begin these important conversations. But sometimes, facilitation from an expert can make all the difference, especially when the topic is about leadership and the skills that women need in order to get where they want to go. In fact, often times, just the process of defining where one wants to go can be difficult, so Jen's program not only helps women collaborate, but it helps young women become very intentional about the next steps in their careers, and how to incorporate what more and more are also seeking – a desire for a more thoughtful, contribution / mission-minded leadership role. Jen's background in non profit management, as well as her personal experience in service allows her to really help young women build a clear path to leadership around the foundations that matter the most to them, while also building a solid nation-wide network of fellow professional women. Jen has even figured out a way to make her program count towards 'continuing education' credits and Government Agencies are now paying for women to attend her program – now that's smart! 

While Her Corner focuses exclusively on women business owners, we love to support the businesses that are equally committed to helping women achieve their professional ambitions.

Jen is a member of our Alexandria 2 group, and she is an extraordinary entrepreneur and woman to watch!

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