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Featured Entrepreneur: Hillary Berman


Can I tell you about Hillary, and what I love about her business?

Hillary Berman is crystal clear on where she’s going and what she’s building. This is a woman whose marketing and consulting firm company, Popcorn & Ice Cream, knows who it wants to be when it grows up, as well as who it does not want to be. And that’s what we love about Hillary – she knows exactly what she wants her company to be: a strategic marketing partner to small business owners, and what she doesn’t want to be: just another ad agency!  She says ‘no’ to the things that don’t fit, keeping her clearly defined in her offering. The other thing we love about Hillary: she knows exactly where she is in her business in terms of meeting her goals for the year. She’s not afraid to look at her revenue numbers head-on and see exactly where she is and what she needs to close in order to finish the year where she set out to be. This is such an important reminder for those of us who get caught up in the day-to-day and think ‘I’ll just look at it later.’ Not to mention, it’s an absolutely winning combination: a clear vision with specific financial goals. That’s how you become who you want to be when you grow up!

Hillary is a member of our Bethesda group,
and she’s an extraordinary entrepreneur and a woman to watch! 

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