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Featured Entrepreneur: Elizabeth Doyle

Can I tell you about Elizabeth, and what I love about her business?

Elizabeth Doyle’s Yankee Clippers is a team of expert hand-pruners of shrubs and small trees. She’ll tell you right away, they don’t do anything else, just pruning. That alone is a reason to admire Elizabeth – her focus has allowed her to build a tremendous business in the Mid-Atlantic region, one that has a loyal following and a recession-proof strategy. (You always need pruning, she says, if the economy is bad and you’re at home, you want to enjoy looking at your garden, if times are better and you’re traveling, someone has to take care of your gardens!) 

But what we admire most about Elizabeth’s business is her ability to create options for customers to give them what they want. She has scaled her business by truly understanding that her customers are not all the same; some believe they can do what she does, and they want to learn how – so she offers one-on-one classes. Others want to tag along and see whether this might be something they could do too, so her workshops invite them to join the crew and try it out, and her seminars offer larger groups an opportunity to hear pruning strategies that Elizabeth has developed along the way. Of course the majority of her clients just want Yankee Clippers to come and take care of the job for them, but imagine the limits Elizabeth would have set for her business if this were the only way to hire her company? Elizabeth’s vision and instinct for how to engage her customers make her a formidable business owner, and a woman we can all admire. 

Elizabeth is a member of our Chevy Chase group,
and she’s an extraordinary entrepreneur and a woman to watch!

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