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Featured Entrepreneur: Dr. Tara Coles

Featured Entrepreneur

Why Tara Coles is a woman we admire: 

Dr. Tara Coles is a woman who does.not.quit. She had a vision in mind a few years ago and we have had the pleasure of watching her implement it beautifully. Just last Fall she launched a new business called ClusterArt – watch carefully because this one is a prime acquisition target a couple of years from now. For those of us women and moms who have enjoyed building photo books but hated only picking 1 picture for a frame, things have just changed. ClusterArt allows you to upload your own pictures, or use licensed artist's work, to create beautiful canvases and art work that you can use to decorate your home. Imagine a canvas of your favorite photos, alongside beautiful curated art – you can do that at ClusterArt. 

But when I say that Tara does not quit, this is what I mean. When she first came up with this idea, she didn't know how to build a technology back-end to make it work. She didn't know how to create the licensing agreements. Heck, she may have been a very smart physician, but she hadn't taken any businesses classes. Yet. Rarely have I met someone who has tackled a vision with such audacity and courage. The audacity to learn everything she needed to learn, to ask questions, to ask for input and feedback, and the courage to build, rebuild, and build it again. While on this journey Tara has also managed to focus on her health and wellness, as well as continue to practice medicine, and raise four beautiful children with her husband John. Tara has inspired each and every one of us who has known her during this business development process, and taught us to push and then push harder. 

Tara is a member of our Bethesda 1 group, and she is an extraordinary entrepreneur and woman to watch!

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