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Featured Entrepreneur: Debbie Brodsky

Can I tell you about Debbie, and what I love about her business?

Debbie Brodsky is the founder of DMB Pictures, a video production company specializing in producing broadcast-quality stories for families, non-profits and small businesses. The company opened its doors in January 2006 led by Debbie Mintz Brodsky, a three-time Emmy Award-winning television producer with more than 20 years of experience. What makes Debbie a ‘Woman we Admire’ is her tenacity, perseverance, and drive for success.
What I love about Debbie’s business is her clarity about where she wants to take her business, and her tenacity to get there. Debbie is in constant learning mode: she asks questions, she challenges herself, she pushes the status quo, and she does not give up until she’s found what she’s looking for. I also love the fact that she will tell you honestly that it’s not always easy, and that sometimes we have to try different offers to different audiences in a variety of formats before we get it right. She is a wonderful example of someone who is extraordinarily skilled at the core of what she offers (video production,) and works extra hard at the other parts of business that will propel her business forward (the sales, cold calls, marketing and promotion of her work.) And the more she pushes herself, the more the results speak for themselves. I’ve seen some of her latest work, delivered to exactly the target audience she was looking for, small businesses, and the work is extraordinary. But she worked really hard to land those projects, and she didn’t give up while she was perfecting her offer.
Running a small business is hard, really hard. And it takes more than just an incredible skill set in one area; it takes perseverance, intellectual curiosity and drive. Debbie’s DMB Pictures is the result of what can happen when you continue to push yourself towards the results you expect to see in your business. 
Debbie is a member of our Bethesda group, and she’s an extraordinary
entrepreneur and a woman to watch!



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