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Featured Entrepreneur: Dana Taylor

Featured Entrepreneur

Can I tell you about Dana, and what I love about her business?

Dana Taylor

Dana Taylor is the founder of Intelligent Ethos, an Alexandria-based company that provides strategic business development, sales, and customer management services. Dana knows that her customers need sales and business development strategies, just like large companies do, but that they can’t always afford the same level of services. Intelligent Ethos uses both technology and strategy to create customer solutions, like their new LinkedIn business development tool, that allow small businesses the opportunity to invest in business development at an affordable price point. Her business is indispensable to a growing company and over the last three years she has created quite a name for herself and her company. But that's not the only reason she is this month’s 'Woman We Admire'. We admire her because of her tenacity to focus on growing her own business, and getting access to the financial resources needed to do so!
What I love about Dana is that she walks the talk. Not only does she help other companies apply business development strategies, but she actively applies these same strategies to her own business as well. Since last Fall she has been working on getting access to the business loans she needed to grow her own business, but it hasn’t been easy. She started with the larger banks with no success. She then went to a program for minorities, but again, no success. She kept at it, and after developing a relationship with her bank, Access National, her banker introduced her to One Degree Capital where she was recently able to secure the loans she needed for growth.

The secret, she now shares, is relationships. It takes time and commitment for banks to loan businesses money, and as with any important relationship, both sides need to know one another well. Today Dana has a plan in place for how to apply the loans – goals, performance measures, and results to track the impact. And we can’t wait to see her business expand thanks to her confidence and perseverance to borrow money to grow! 

I hope that Dana's story will inspire other women business owners to try and try again, to get access to the money that they need to grow their business. She has certainly inspired me to do so! 

Dana is a member of our Alexandria group, and she is an extraordinary entrepreneur and a woman to watch!

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