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Featured Entrepreneur: Courtney Stamm

Featured Entrepreneur

Why Courtney Stamm is a woman we admire: 

Have you dreamed of leaving your job and opening up a small shop? Picking out and selling the things you love or finding a perfect location? So many of us have. But not many of us have actually gone through and done it. Why? Because while picking out and selling something we love sounds great, everything else (getting a loan from a bank, hiring employees, signing leases, building out a space, getting the right insurance) is often foreign to many of us and feels too risky. That's why Courtney, a woman with a background in journalism, nonprofit fundraising, and management is this month's Woman We Admire and why she can teach all of us how to plan, collaborate, and implement. 

Courtney is the owner of The Cheeky Puppy, a boutique for pet lovers who know that pets aren't like family, they are family! Walk into The Cheeky Puppy and you are sure to find wonderful gifts, toys, and fun accessories for your pet – ones that you can't find anywhere else. When we first met Courtney a year ago, she was months away from opening her new store. She had developed plans, spreadsheets, and set aside enough money to order inventory and get through the time it would take to open her new store. 

What we immediately loved about Courtney is that she raised her hand and asked for help (even though she seemed pretty organized to us!) As soon as she joined the Her Corner community, Courtney started reaching out to other members who could help her open her store. She worked with Sarah Steel from Urban Referrals to help with the build out, she worked with Christina Daves from PR for Anyone for PR tips and solutions, she reached out to Ferrall Dietrich from Core72 to learn from her experience, and she recently worked with Mallory Corlette from Office Accomplice to handle all the office management support so that she could focus on running the business.
While Courtney had an incredible plan for her new store, and she implemented it beautifully, she did not hesitate to talk with fellow business owners and other Her Corner members to gather their experiences in things like bank loans and inventory management. It is also because of this spirit of collaboration that Courtney now has a team of supporters who are so excited for her new store, they want to turn around and share her story with others. If you have ever shared Courtney’s dream, stop by The Cheeky Puppy and say hi, buy a little something, and get to know her.

Courtney is a member of our Dupont Circle, DC group and she is an extraordinary entrepreneur and a woman to watch!

With sincere thanks for supporting women-owned businesses, 

Frédérique C. Irwin
Founder and CEO
Her Corner


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