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Featured Entrepreneur: Conamore Alexander

Can I tell you about Conamore, and what I love about her business?

Conamore Alexander is the founder of Xander Architecture an architectural firm in Washington DC with exceptional experience in the field of luxury custom home design, property estate planning, and a unique focus and expertise in equestrian architecture and equestrian estates.  Conamore is a businesswoman who knows her niche and the market knows her too!

What I love about Conamore’s business is the pace of implementation. From vision to strategy to action, there is not a day that goes by that Conamore is not putting plans into motion, driving the build and development of not only customer projects, but her own business as well. She is building a company that is creating jobs, setting aggressive goals, and laying out a clear path to where she wants to go; and it’s inspiring to watch her implement these goals.

What I also love about Conamore is what accompanies this forward movement and momentum: a level of honesty about how hard it can be as a woman to build a firm while also raising a family. Conamore shares with other women her approach to the good, the bad, and the craziness of it all, and inspires the rest of us to keep moving towards the goals and the business objectives despite the intensity that surrounds us daily. 

Conamore is a member of our AU / Cleveland Park group,
and she’s an extraordinary entrepreneur and a woman to watch!

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