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Featured Entrepreneur: Carrie Fox

Can I tell you about Carrie, and what I love about her business?

Carrie Fox is the founder of C.Fox Communications, a strategic communications agency with offices in Silver Spring, MD and Washington, D.C. Carrie has grown this firm to a team of 10 people and she is often recognized for excellence in public relations, including receiving the honor of Washington Women in Public Relations and recognition as an Emerging Leader of the Year. Her fast track to success is inspirational to many women entrepreneurs, but what makes Carrie a ‘Woman we Admire’ is her incredible attention to the management of her team. Few people understand and recognize the value of their people like Carrie Fox does.

What I love about Carrie’s business is the authenticity that touches all aspects of her business. The clients that her firm works with all share a common theme: they focus on mission-driven strategies to better people, communities and the world. But Carrie also applies this same approach to her own company. C.Fox Communications rewards its own employees monthly for innovation, hard work, and teamwork. She understands that the culture she is building is just as important as the clients they are retaining, and the culture she is creating extends outside the walls of her business as well. Her firm offers an annual Inspired Thought Award (it Award) offering worthy nonprofits pro bono public relations and marketing support, giving her team an opportunity to give also back to their own communities.

While C. Fox Communications is an industry leader at telling the stories of others, in fact it is Carrie’s personal story of how she has built such a successful company that makes her a ‘Woman We Admire’!

Carrie is a member of our Chevy Chase group,

and she’s an extraordinary entrepreneur and a woman to watch!


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