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Featured Entrepreneur: Betty Kasasa

Featured Entrepreneur

Why Betty Kasasa is a woman we admire (& love):

On the rare occasion I have met someone and wondered to myself whether that person might be an angel living among us. I know that may sound odd, but if you meet Betty Kasasa, you would immediately understand what I mean. Betty is a woman who radiates kindness and love. She is also a tenacious business owner who has demonstrated incredible courage and perseverance to build a wonderful place for aging persons to reside. Betty is the founder of Laytonsville Estates an assisted living home for independent-minded residents who want to enjoy elegant comfort as well as genuine and devoted care.

Betty is this month’s Woman We Admire because of her determination to make a difference in this world. After 15 years of working in local area nursing homes, she felt dissatisfied with the care and treatment that the residents were receiving. She wanted to make a difference, but she did not know where to begin. After three of her four children left for college, Betty convinced her husband to convert their house into an assisted living home; she spent months going through the regulatory requirements (including having to move out and live somewhere else) to become an official business. She has endured countless setbacks and expenses that she did not anticipate, but she continued (and still continues!) to move forward to build her vision of a home where people could come and feel respected, loved, and welcome. Betty’s compassion for those around her and her respect for all people make her not only a woman we admire in business, but a woman we admire as an individual. She is truly a special person who is making a very big difference in the lives of people who deserve it the most.

Betty is a member of our new Rockville, MD group and she is an extraordinary entrepreneur and a woman to watch!

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