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Facilitator Spotlight: Partnership Makes Perfect

I read with interest and appreciation the 9/24/1/2 article by Debora Spar entitled Why Women Should Stop Being Perfect.   While Ms. Spar’s insights are not necessarily brand new (she even admits to that).  I  finished the article with a few new truths that I hope more people can apply to their own lives.

First, perfection, at best,  is an abstract and hardly achievable concept  but for women who seek to achieve everything at work and home, it doesn’t work to do it alone.  Community, collectives, collaboration are just a a few of the words that came to mind as I read her article recognizing my own need (and admittedly reluctance) to join forces with others to share meals, share child care, share jobs.

After I finished the article however, and took the requisite and pensive deep breath (as I usually do after I finish comparable pieces), I discovered something else.  My partners include those women who write these articles.  The headlines may be somewhat repetitive, the content may include  facts we already know,  the authors’ conclusions may not contain the “answer” but these narratives represent a voice that if left up to us individually might not be as loud.

I know that I feel just a bit more “perfect” when I experience their validation and support.

By: Mimi Darmstradter, My Life’s Work: Coaching & Consulting, LLC

This blog was originally posted on My Life’s Work website.


Mimi Darmstadter is the founder of the independent coaching and Human Resources consulting business, My Life’s Work — Coaching & Consulting LLC, where she serves as an executive coach and a seasoned leader in the Human Resources field (e.g. learning and performance) with over 20 years of experience, spanning government, non-profit and corporate environments.  Mimi’s coaching work and workshops emphasize new levels of self-awareness, skill, and behavior that her clients seek to build professional capacity in their leadership/executive roles and/or make desired shifts in their career identity.   Among Ms. Darmstadter’s interests and areas of expertise are emotional intelligence, written/oral communication, diversity/inclusion, performance management, workforce engagement, presentation/platform skills, personal/professional “work” integration, stress management, and career planning and execution.

Mimi is also the facilitator of Her Corner groups in Bethesda, Capitol Hill and Rockville.

You can view her profile HERE.

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