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Don’t Be the Bottleneck

When we’re stressed and overwhelmed, many women default to the five word kiss of death: “I’ll just do it myself.” One of the big a-ha moments that often comes during the Accelerator is when members finally realize that in order to grow their businesses, they can’t continue to do everything themselves.


Once that realization happens, change is fast. Virtual assistants get hired, technology gets implemented, new systems are put in place to take some of the work off of the business owner’s plate. I’ve now seen this happen enough times to know that even though this looks like amazing progress, there is one more change that still needs to happen in order for real growth to occur.


You have to begin to see yourself as the bottleneck and then get out of the way.


I’ll give you an example. One Accelerator member I work with had her lightbulb moment pretty early on. She hired a virtual assistant and decided to use Insightly to manage her contacts and business development process. Each month on our coaching call, I would expect to hear significant progress in prospecting for new clients but it never came. Finally, I asked her to explain to me how she was actually using her VA and new technology to help her.


And then she confessed that she actually hadn’t done that yet because first she needed to go back through her hundreds of contacts and double-check that she had their correct contact information and LinkedIn accounts and, once she did that, then she would hand it off to the VA and start sending out prospecting emails.


Can you imagine how much time that would actually take her?


I explained that she was a bottleneck.


The only thing she should be spending her time on were the things that no one else could do for her. There was no reason that the VA couldn’t get Insightly set up. I challenged her to get out of the way and let the systems she had put in place actually work for her.


The next month, sure enough, progress!


So take a moment and consider what you do every day. What’s on your to do list? How much of that can someone else actually do? Now get out of the way and let them do it!

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