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Don’t Be Afraid To Dial It Down

Sometimes taking your work down a few notches is best – not only for yourself but for your clients

Don't be afraid to dial down your work .

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It’s here – the busiest travel month of the year. This means, for those of you not in the travel industry, that business may be slow. It also means it’s a good time for some mindfulness and to think about your professional and personal goals right now.

The great thing about being your own boss is that you can dial your work up and down around your life events. For most entrepreneurs, dialing it up isn’t the hard part. Dialing it down, however, can seem daunting to the workaholic, entrepreneurial spirit.

In reality, toning your work down during an especially stressful or transitional time in your life is best not only for yourself but for your business.

Take Cooky Bysura, for example. She recently had her second child while also raising a toddler and running a successful graphic design business based in Washington, DC.

Even though she was overworked, stressed out and spread thin across her personal and professional life, she was afraid that refusing new clients and reducing her workload for the time being would hurt her business more than help it.

Turns out, she was wrong.

After running on little sleep and essentially reaching a breaking point, she decided to stop accepting new clients and dial back on the hours she was dedicating to current clients. Of course, she discussed this with her clients and adjusted schedules and deadlines accordingly.

Guess what?

No one seemed to mind, she said, that she was taking some time to breathe.

In fact, when she did feel ready to take on more clients and increase her workload again, she found herself feeling refreshed and doing better work than she had before.

“At the end of the day, I realized there were two kinds of wealth: financial wealth and mental wealth,” Bysura said. “It’s easy to put a price tag on your financial wealth, but it’s nearly impossible to put a price tag on your mental wealth. When I did take a break from my business, the mental wealth I gained far outweighed any financial wealth I would have acquired.”

Don’t be afraid to dial down your workload if it’s already overwhelming or you’re experiencing a pivotal personal or professional event. At the end of the day, your clients want your best work and sometimes turning it down a few notches is the only way to do that.

Amanda Weathersby’s business Mindful Profits provides business analysis and forecasts to help companies seek funding, sell their companies, and merge with or acquire companies. Amanda has worked as a business consultant for multinational companies, for startups and for small businesses. She has taught entrepreneurship classes for five years.  The Weathersby Group (TWG) was Amanda’s first venture, created in 1990. The company provided consulting and staffing to high tech businesses in Washington, DC, Boston and New York. It grew to $15 million in revenue by 2000, when the company was sold to a publicly traded company.

You can view her profile HERE.

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