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The Doing Of The Doing

Role fatigue. It is something I see over and over again. And it looks something like this:

A business owner starts her business. She is several years into it. And while the business is doing well, she begins to find herself demotivated. Something is missing. The experience of running a business is no longer fulfilling to her.


But here’s the thing about role fatigue, and what you have to know to overcome it.

Role fatigue is just one more way to describe a lack of motivation. And there is no silver bullet to improving motivation, unfortunately. It is important to change things up and there are tools to do so (at Her Corner, we’re fans of the Job Characteristics Model – something we teach in our Accelerator, and making sure these are tied to your intrinsic motivators), but the bottom line is that in business, you have to love the work you do.

The doing of the doing. You just have to love it.

And, if you don’t, then you begin to feel demotivated, uninspired, bored, and most likely a little depressed – because honestly, who talks about this stuff? Who talks about what it feels like to no longer be sure that you love what you do? What you worked so hard to build?

The only secret to any of this is that you have to love what you do. And you have to do it with passion. The more you put into it, the more it will love you back.

And, if you’re still not sure – if you put everything into it but you just don’t have your heart in it anymore – then it’s time to go through the process of redesign.

And that’s hard. And emotionally charged. And a lot of work.

But you can do it.

And, by the way, we can help. 🙂

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