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I Didn’t Start Her Corner For The Reason You Think.

The other day someone’s comment caught me off guard. As we were talking about the Presidential political transition, she said, “But thank goodness that you’re out there doing the work you’re doing at Her Corner. We need more people like you working to help women continue to make progress.”


She caught me off guard because I don’t consider it my or Her Corner’s sole mission to help women advance. And I don’t walk around introducing myself as a feminist!


You know why I do what I do? It’s not for the reason you probably think.

I’m doing it for the money. Not the money I’m making! The money I see our members make.


Why I Started Her Corner:

I started Her Corner, because I was angry. And I’m still angry. I’m angry that such a high number of women business owners (8.2 million to be exact, or 82%) in the U.S. make less than $100,000 in gross revenue per year. And that anger fuels me each and every day to change the small business game and do the work that I’m doing.


Just last week, a woman we’ve been working with for a couple of years told me that in 2014 her business lost over $200,000. In 2015 (after she’d started working with us), it made $20,000. And in 2016, it made over $200,000.


Do you have any idea how proud I felt by what she had achieved? She worked so hard, and she turned that business around! And today she’s in a place where she can envision the future and make plans for growth and expansion.


I also started Her Corner because I believe that women inspire one another and that if I can tell just one woman’s story, at least three other women will hear it and believe that she, too, can achieve the same result.


And that’s why I’m out here doing what I’m doing. Because I genuinely believe my Her Corner team can help women make more money and run better businesses. The fact that I also love working with women and helping change the game for all of us is a nice bonus.

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