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How To Deal With A Difficult Customer

Recently, I was working with one of Her Corner’s Accelerator members who was having a hard time dealing with a very difficult customer. This member had done a very good job trying to address her customer’s concerns in numerous ways. She had altered her pricing. She had altered her standard service procedures. She had changed almost everything about the way she usually did business for this one client. After a few months, it became clear that no matter what she did, this customer was never going to be happy. In fact, the more she tried to accommodate the client, the unhappier both she and the client became. By the time we had our coaching call, this member was totally exasperated.


As we talked through the situation during our call, it became crystal clear what the solution was. This member needed to return to her company’s core values in order to find a way to move forward.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the details and emotions of a situation that we lose sight of those core values-the ones that led us to build our businesses in the first place.

So that was where we started. Why did she start her company? How did she want to serve her clients? What were her non-negotiable values?

Once we revisited the basic foundation that she had built her business on, she realized that in order to keep serving this client, she would be compromising most of those values. At the end of the day, that was why she was having so much trouble. This was a client relationship that she just couldn’t keep. Once she realized this, she had no problem explaining to this client very clearly why they could no longer work together. They parted ways on good terms, with the client feeling that she had been treated fairly and with respect. Remember that sometimes, that is the best you can do. You built your company for a reason. No one client or account is worth compromising your core values.

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