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When women get together, something amazing happens. And while I don’t pretend to know what it is exactly, I can’t help but be humbled by the ability of women to naturally pick up on each other’s needs and wants both in their personal lives and in their businesses from just a simple few minutes of conversation. At the April Speaker Series, I saw women connecting like this everywhere I turned and this was possible in part because of the amazing contributors we had at the event.


We had a phenomenal group of 7 women from diverse backgrounds come and share their knowledge and each led a station that focused on content in areas they help other business owners succeed in. I was so impressed by their presentations I’ve shared some highlights from each below for you to take a look at; and honestly, who doesn’t love a little content to help you rock your business! If you decide you’d like to learn more, connect with them via their social media!


Facebook Advertising 101

Things to remember when creating a facebook ad:

Good Ad:

  • Good Headline
  • Clear, Concise message
  • Deal with coupon code
  • Compelling image with color
  • Includes call to action


  • Image Size: 1200 x 628 pixels
  • Headline: 25 characters
  • Text: 90 characters
  • Link description: 200 characters
  • Image may not include more than 20% text
  • Add a call to action button

Before Your Get Started:

  • Create or identify landing page and make it traffic ready
  • General idea of target audience
  • Great images 
  • Know your objective – promoting a sale, event, workshop, etc.


Presented By: Christine WilsonMtoM Consulting

Connect: Facebook / Twitter / Website


Why Your Website Color Palette Matters

Color is not just an element but plays a functional role for your business.

  • Your color scheme generally includes 5 colors:
    • Primary Color – Your primary brand color. Keep in mind colors elicit different emotions and depending on the feel of brand, a primary color should match that.
    • Accent Colors – Not always used but they can be helpful in bringing attention to promotions, being background for images, etc.
    • Action Color – An action color should “pop” off the page. The action color is used by the site to train the visitors’ eye to find where the points of interaction are.

Presented By: Erika Dickstein Spring Insight

Connect: Facebook / Twitter / Website


7 Tips To Jumpstart Your Newsletter

  • Call To Action: Have a clear goal and make sure the content aligns with that goal.
  • Reuse & Recycle: A newsletter can be used for a blog and vice versa.
  • Let Subscribers Opt In: Email marketing is permission-based. If you don’t get permission, your newsletter could be marked as spam and your list will have a low open rate and a high cost. Consider offering a list of tools/resources as a lead magnet.
  • Short & Helpful: Make the content valuable by sharing what you know & always adding value.  
  • Mobile-Friendly: ESPs offer mobile-friendly templates. A single column format with a simple design makes mobile-friendly easy. 
  • Queue Up: Get a few newsletters ahead so you never fall behind.  
  • Just Start: Start this week, and then make it better. You do not benefit from what you don’t launch. A great list starts with just one name.  
  • Get Started Now By:
    • Brainstorm: ten topics for upcoming newsletters
    • Choose an ESP: (MailChimp) and add your logo to a mobile-friendly template
    • Create a sign up: Add a link to the form on your website

Presented By: Heather Miller CoxMighty Little Webshop

Connect: Facebook / Twitter / Website

How To Demonstrate Year-Round Customer Love

What is Customer Love: Showing your customer appreciation and recognition and engaging beyond simply delivering on your promises.

  • Why do Customer Love?
    • Makes you memorable
    • Creates a relationship
    • Customer is more likely to return or refer
  • Ideas
    • Send something on special occasions, milestones, birthdays, holidays
    • A simple call or thank you card

Customer Love is more than gifts – it’s a mindset, a way of thinking and approach to customer service and your business.

Presented By: Hillary Berman Popcorn & Ice Cream

Connect: Facebook / Twitter / Website


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO? The process of increasing the number of visitors to a website by achieving high rank in the search results of a search engine.

Why should you care? High rank is essential for obtaining traffic for a site.

7 Reasons You Should Invest In Your SEO:

  1. It works
  2. It isn’t going to stop working anytime soon
  3. It’s cost effective
  4. Search engines are grabbing more market share
  5. Rise of local bandwidth and local search optimization
  6. Not having a healthy content profile is damaging
  7. Your competitors are investing in SEO

Your business definitely needs to have an SEO strategy in place if you are interested in succeeding in terms of online marketing; it remains one of the single most important components of any organization’s branding efforts and online presence.

Presented By: Mimi Davidson Mongo LLC

Connect: Facebook / Twitter / Website


Creating A Customer Engagement System

Using Automated Email For Customer Engagement

  • What is a Drip Campaign – Drip marketing is a strategy that sends, or “drips,” a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time.
  • How Do Drip Campaigns Benefit Your Business?
    • Automates Client On-Boarding & Initial Paperwork
    • Follow Up After A Sale For Client Feedback & Future Work
    • Lead Generations
    • Lead Nurturing
      • Follow up content marketing to open up a dialog
      • Provide more information on a topic – article, infographic, etc.
      • Share more free stuff or events – invite to a webinar, ebook, etc.
      • Establish yourself as a subject matter expert
      • Convert prospects with a red hot offer

Presented By: Nicole Krug – Social Light

Connect: Facebook / Twitter / Website


Branding Your Business To Get The Customers You Want

Always think about your brand as a Human.

  • Write down the things your “Human” would always say, be or do.
  • Write down the things your “Human” would never say, be or do.
  • Share and collaborate with your team to decide on the final always and nevers for your “Human”.
  • Keep them near by and think about them every single time you send an email, write a blog post, pick of the phone, post on social media, etc. to make sure you’re always being true to your “Human” brand.

Presented By: Melanie SpringSisarina

Connect: Facebook / Twitter / Website

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