What We Can Learn From A 45 Year Old First Time Mom

I was 31 when I had my first child. And ever since then, I’ve often thought about my friends who wait until their mid-forties to have their first child. By then, they reason, their careers are established, they have more disposable income, and there’s more stability all around. And to be honest, I think they’re probably right. (Although speaking from personal experience, I also know it’s really hard to predict when you’re going to have a baby.)


But the reason I think about these women a lot is not because I wonder if I had mine too early. It’s because I think about their reasoning as it pertains to business … and I think about it a lot.


Here’s why.


Small businesses have numerous options when it comes to marketing and I hear about them often. Many of the businesses that we work with often discuss the pro’s and con’s of various marketing options for their companies.


And while most of the time I completely get behind a company’s marketing plan, there’s one major exception.


When your business is still small (it’s just one employee with revenue in the low six-figures), you should be focused on doing one thing and one thing only – making money. Using that money to invest aggressively in marketing is only going to make a teeny-tiny splash. Because you’re only going to have a teeny tiny budget!


You should keep your head down, focus on the work, and worry less about what you “should” be doing (marketing or otherwise). Then you’ll make more money and therefore have more money to spend (on marketing and other projects) when the time is right.


And that’s kind of like the moms that wait until they’re financially stable before making the biggest investment of their life: having a baby. Their options and worries are different from a 31-year old first time mom, because they’ve already invested in their lives before making the leap to invest in a new one.

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