Then Her Corner Is Right For You.


Over the years, we’ve assembled a team of extraordinary women to serve as business coaches to women business owners who are looking for individualized help with growing their businesses.

Our coaches come equipped with MBAs from the top business schools.

They’ve often spent 15 years or more in management consulting at premier consulting firms. And they have a demonstrated history of helping other women succeed, either by acting as angel investors or as mentors to women-owned businesses.

* Plus, all of our coaches have been trained in the Her Corner business coaching methodology.

Why use a business coach?

These types of discussions often work best one-on-one, in a confidential relationship with a mentor you trust.

In these cases, we’ve found that many business owners prefer private conversations over group curriculum and programs.

Coaching is also a great option for women don’t live in a city where Her Corner offers an Accelerator program, but who still want to benefit from Her Corner’s expertise—even at a distance.

Working one-on-one with Her Corner over the past five years has been a game changer in terms of accomplishing huge career goals. I wanted to shift my client base and break out into new markets. I couldn’t have achieved this without my coach’s strategic insights, tough love, and wealth of small business knowledge. Working with Her Corner has been invaluable to achieving my objectives and it would have taken me twice as long on my own. I would not be where I am today without our coaching relationship.  

Rebecca Drobis Rebecca Drobis Photography

Access to unmatched expertise.

Unlike other business coaches, our team can draw on Her Corner’s extensive library of proven content, as well as their years of experience helping other businesses grow or building their own. 

We’ll work with you ON your business, not just talk you through what you should do.

Where else can you get access to coaches with the education, training, and work experience that our coaches offer? Nowhere.

We’ve helped women business owners find solutions to a broad range of business issues and problems, including:







Monthly coaching with Her Corner is a mixture of accountability, strategic guidance, and tough love. My coaching sessions are invaluable in helping me continue to grow my business, handle unexpected challenges, and stay on track for my strategic growth plan. Every small business owner should take advantage of this kind of coaching with Her Corner.  

Allison Shapira Founder/CEO Global Public Speaking LLC

What you’ll get when you sign up:

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Private, hour-long interactive video or phone sessions

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Templates to help you work through specific problems

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Spreadsheets to help you manage and stay on top of your financials

Business coaching sessions are flexible—they can be used according to your timeline—and they never expire. Each package includes an onboarding session and unlimited email support.

I have been working with a Her Corner coach for more than six months and, in that time, she has become one of my most trusted advisors. I created a successful business by accident and realized that my success wouldn’t be sustainable without consistent goals and intentional processes to increase revenue. Her Corner helped me to develop that structure step by step. In addition, my coach pushed me to think big about my business, and I’m seeing the payoff. Most importantly, she has become one of my biggest cheerleaders and a friend/mentor/business guru all rolled into one! I can’t say enough about how much her help has meant to my business!  

Paula Davis-Laack Founder/CEO, The Stress & Resilience Institute

Working with Her Corner is the smartest business decision that I ever made. My coach advised me on how to completely overhaul my business, which increased my potential client numbers and conversion rates. I have doubled my income and streamlined systems to leave more time for me and the most enjoyable aspects of my business. For entrepreneurs looking to take their company to the next level, I highly recommend working with Her Corner.  

Danielle Glosser Client Raiser, LLC Bringing business to artists

As business partners of nearly 15 years, the ability to work with Her Corner to help us align our strategies and vision, implement our plans, and work through opportunities has been enormously valuable. As a neutral third party, our coach is able to listen to us individually and strategize with us together. Our business revenue and profits have grown and we are thrilled with our prospects for growth ahead.  

Aida Middel and Libby Kinkead Co-Owners, Potomac Concierge