Brand Voice: Defining a Style Your Clients Can Connect with

Every brand has a voice, what’s yours?

Whether or not your realize it, your brand has a voice. Even if you haven’t intentionally created a voice for your brand, anytime you post on social media, publish a blog, or even put a page on your website you are building your brand voice. The words you choose, the style of writing, whether you are funny, serious or sarcastic all add up to create your brand voice.

So I repeat, what’s your brand voice?

This question isn’t always a simple one to answer, but establishing your brand voice is a key component of branding.

Not sure why? Imagine that you arrive at a beautiful website. The colors are welcoming, the images draw you in and you’re ready to spend some time learning what it’s all about. Problem is every bit of text is dry, technical jargon that makes your eyes roll back into your head.

When there’s a disconnect between the visual brand and the brand voice, you confuse costumers and lose sales.

Taking the time to define your brand voice can help ensure that your design efforts are not fruitless AND help you define your overall brand.

What’s your brand voice today?

If you’ve never taken the time to think about your brand’s voice, start out by taking a look at the things you’ve already published. Are you consistent in the language and tone on your website and social media, or does it seems like you have two (or more) distinct voices for your brand?

If so, is there one you like more? Or perhaps a better question is, does one style help you connect with your customers more effectively?

If you are basically happy with your current brand voice that’s great news! Refining it may simply be a matter of being conscious of what you’re putting out to the world in order to have a consistent style.

On the other hand you were bored to tears with your own material, read on!

Defining Your Brand Voice

The first step in the process is simply defining what you want your brand to represent to your customers. If you offer professional services, perhaps you want to be seen as an approachable expert. If you own a diner, your goal might be to channel 50’s nostalgia.

As part of this process, think about your customers and their education and experience. Will they understand technical or advanced concepts? Or would you do better to use simple language that everyone can understand?

Next think about what your customers might expect or want from you. If you are a therapist, are you using a comforting or compassionate tone? If you’re selling comedy, is that reflected in your brand voice?

Some people find it helpful to go through an exercise to fully define a brand persona while other people merely need to gain an awareness of how the brand voice impacts customers in order to set a direction.

If you happen to be one of those people that knows what you want out of your brand voice, but struggle to make it come alive, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Social Light works with some amazing copywriters and we can make your brand sing!


Nicole Krug’s business, Social Light is a digital marketing agency that specializes brand and marketing strategy. Nicole helps clients hone their digital marketing strategies to bring more exposure to their brand and boost their bottom line.

Prior to Social Light, Nicole spent 10 years in enterprise marketing and business development for brands as diverse as The North Face and BB&T Bank.

You can view her profile HERE.

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