Creds And Quals

I have recently begun working with a business owner who is ready to hire a subcontractor to help grow her business. This subcontractor has a big family name in the industry in which she works and i... READ MORE

Her Corner

Frederique Irwin

July 8, 2019

What Is Enough?

This question has come up recently in all of my Accelerator meetings. What is enough? In every single case, the member asking the question had recently achieved something big—something REALLY big. S... READ MORE


Kimberly Berger

June 17, 2019

Slow Down And Scope It Out

How many of you regularly ask yourself: “If I could just come up with the solution to this, I would … [feel so much better, be so much more successful, etc., etc.]”? We all do. We are trained... READ MORE

Her Corner

Frederique Irwin

June 3, 2019