Slow Down And Scope It Out

How many of you regularly ask yourself: “If I could just come up with the solution to this, I would … [feel so much better, be so much more successful, etc., etc.]”? We all do. We are trained... READ MORE

Her Corner

Frederique Irwin

June 3, 2019

Fear of Success is Such a Load of Cr**

I regularly get questions that go something like this: 1. If we succeed in growing this business, how will I also manage to take the time off to spend with my family? 2. How will I handle this b... READ MORE

Her Corner

Frederique Irwin

April 23, 2019

Why Are You Apologizing?

A few months ago, we did an interesting exercise in one of our Accelerator meetings where we asked members to think through their teams (employees, contractors, vendors) and identify who was Responsib... READ MORE


Kimberly Berger

April 9, 2019