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A Better Way To Think About ROI

As business owners, we think about ROI (return on investment) all the time. We consider the cost of acquiring a new customer and therefore the ROI of a marketing campaign to acquire that customer.


We think about it when we hire someone new.


We think about it when we invest in a new membership with the local Chamber of Commerce.


We think about it when we decide to attend a big industry conference.


But guess what?


I think we’ve been looking at ROI completely wrong.


Have you ever met someone who gave you 101 reasons why they haven’t lost weight? It’s the diet, it’s the exercise routine, it’s genetics, it’s the nutritionist, and so on and so forth.


Basically, this person expects the tools (the diet, the exercise, the nutrition expert) to be the magic bullet that’s going to do all the work for them. In a way, that makes sense, right? This person has invested all this money into losing weight, so why shouldn’t they expect an ROI?


But when you think about the people you’ve met who have lost weight and kept it off, have you noticed the difference in their personality and mindset? They tell you that they did the work. They worked hard. They cut calories. They worked out. They stuck to it.


It’s the same thing with your business.


When you constantly ask yourself, “What am I going to get in return for that investment?” you have the same mindset as the person expecting the diet to do the work for them.


But what if you turned Return on Investment into Return on INVOLVEMENT? What would happen?




You’d show up.


You’d be in the driver’s seat.

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