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Best Business Decisions of 2014

In November we asked 145 women business owners from our DC, Maryland, and Virginia groups to share two things:

  1. What was the single best business decision that you made this year for your business?
  2. What was the single best business resource that you used for your business?

The results were fascinating, and everyone was so engaged in the conversation, asking how the resource worked, how it was chosen, etc. It was collaboration at its best!

We gathered all the data, and compiled the results into lists of the top three best business decisions that were shared and the top resources across several different categories.

We hope you find this helpful as you continue to think about ways that you can grow your business in 2015 – and beyond!



Investing in the Business

  • “I standardized my business development plan to strengthen the processes.”
  • “I invested in and launched my new website. I also set up a new partnership.”
  • “I got a line of credit for my business!”

Hiring Team Members to Grow the Business

  • “I hired my marketing director full time and gave her equity and a budget.”
  • “I hired a strategic planner, and I am potentially hiring a marketing team.”
  • “I hired a full time assistant.”

Making Difficult Decisions

  • “I made the decision to rebrand and reposition my business.”
  • “I took a risk and put myself out there (not just exploring). I did not just wait on bigger contracts, but created the opportunity for them.”
  • “I made the decision to collaborate with ‘competition’ – it was a huge decision.”



Social Media

  • Tweetdeck –
  • Buffer –
  • Hootsuite –


  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Unbounce –


  • Insightly –
  • Dropbox –
  • Zapier –
  • Contactually –
  • Evernote –
  • Member Press –
  • Timefox –
  • Boomerang –
  • Shoeboxed –
  • Wunderlist –
  • Trello –
  • Toggl –
  • Proposable –
  • RingCentral –
  • Appointment Plus –

Professional Help

  • Bookkeeper
  • Financial Planner
  • Strategy Consultant
  • PR Company
  • Business Coach
  • Social Media Person
  • Zirtual –
  • VOCUS –
  • HubSpot –
  • ODesk –


  • Meditation/Health
  • Education/Certificates
  • 7 Minute Workout
  • NPR –
  • InstaCart –


  • Freshbooks –
  • Go Daddy Bookkeeping –
  • Quickbooks –
  • Harvest –

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