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Being Comfortable In Uncertainty (AKA, “A Lesson For Fred”)

As many of you know by now, Fred and her family are going on an amazing adventure. In July, they are moving to New Zealand for the year. I am so jealous I can hardly stand myself.

First, let me assure everyone that everything is going to be okay. Her Corner will still be here, helping you grow your businesses and figuring out how we can help even more women across the country. Fred will be working from New Zealand and the time difference actually works out perfectly for her. Now when I wake up every morning, instead of the 10 emails already sitting in my inbox from her, there will be 50. Yippee!!

Second, let me tell you why this is going to be such a good lesson for our good friend, Fred. The woman is a control freak!! She is a control freak’s control freak!! And she knows it. As the big move is getting closer and she has had to deal with all of the endless details that something like this requires, there have been times when she has gotten overwhelmed, mainly because she is learning that she just can’t control everything.

This is where being the mother of three boys really helps me out. I often say that the key to surviving three boys is that you have to be okay existing in chaos. And this is my eensy-weensy piece of knowledge that I share with Fred at least once a week.


We are not going to have a perfect work plan in place by the time she leaves. We won’t have a formal expansion strategy wrapped up and tied with a bow. We won’t have all of the Accelerator cohorts recruited for the year. We won’t have all of our facilitators completely trained by July and all of our coffees scheduled for the next 12 months. It just isn’t going to happen. And that’s okay.

We will figure it out. We will get there. But it will take time. It will take missteps. It will take false starts and stops.

Life is uncertain. Business is uncertain. We do everything we can to plan, to predict, to prepare. But at the end of the day, there is always going to be some uncertainty. And the key is to be comfortable with that. To embrace it.

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