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Is Anyone Giving It To You Straight?

A few weeks ago, Fred and I were wrapping up another long but productive day in Philadelphia. As usual, we were accompanied the fabulous Cheryl Squadrito, who is helping us get our name out in this new market and introducing us to everyone we need to meet.


By now, Cheryl is getting used to what she calls “Fred and Kimby speak.” In fact, she often asks us for our opinion or feedback on business issues because, as she puts it, we tell it to her straight.


Everyone needs someone like that in their lives. So the two questions I have for you are:

  1. Who do you have in your business life who tells it to you straight?
  2. If you don’t have someone, why not?


I’m not saying you need someone who is insensitive or unhelpful. I’m saying that a key player to have on your team is someone who can give you an unbiased and frank assessment of whatever issue or challenge you are facing.


The truth is, we often know deep down inside what we “should do” in a given situation. But that doesn’t always translate into action. That’s when we need an objective sounding board. Most of us benefit enormously from having someone tell it to us straight.


Why? Because when we hear it from someone else, it’s harder to ignore.


Back to Philly. In this case, Cheryl had asked Fred and I what we thought about an issue. Being the shy, timid wallflowers that we are, we both immediately gave her our opinion. In unison. Guess what her response was? “I knew you were going to say that.”


You see, she knew what she needed to do, but she couldn’t quite make herself do it on her own. She needed both confirmation that her instincts were right, and a little motivation to get her butt in gear.


What she needed – and what you need too – is someone you can trust to tell you not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.

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