How Do We Advocate For Women Business Owners In the Current Political Climate?

Unless you have been living in a cave or under a rock, you have probably noticed that our current political climate is, shall we say, “charged.” At Her Corner, we really try to avoid politics completely. We don’t care what your political views are or who you vote for. We are 100% focused on supporting women business owners, no matter what. This usually works out just fine. No one cares if we stay silent on political issues. In fact, I think our members prefer it that way.


So what happens when a certain high profile woman business owner with VERY close ties to the president convenes a VERY public roundtable meeting for women CEOs to discuss women’s economic issues? How can we possibly stay silent when this is the issue we spend all day every day working on?

Why It Matters…

On one hand, I think it is our responsibility to comment, get involved, and take a seat at the table. I think it is even more critical to do so because by only inviting C-level female executives, this group is leaving out the 80% of women-owned businesses that earn less than $100,000 per year. If this working group really wants to impact women’s economic issues, then they need to hear from people like us who represent the majority of women business owners in the country.


On the other hand, I am apprehensive about wading into these political waters at all. If we speak up and then actually get invited to participate in a discussion or panel, what will our members think? Will they be thrilled that we are representing their concerns and issues to an audience who might not have considered them before, or will they be furious because we shouldn’t even be talking to anyone even remotely related to the current administration, regardless of how that may or may not be beneficial to women business owners in the country?

How We Are Handling It…

These are the questions we are asking ourselves at Her Corner and believe me, we have had some very heated debates. At this point, we have decided that it would be a mistake to stay silent while women’s economic advancement is on the front page of many newspapers. This is our issue and why Her Corner exists. We will participate in the conversation, regardless of what political party is in office because we believe it is in the best interests of our members to represent their concerns in any way we can. This isn’t Her Corner “taking a side” or “collaborating” with an administration many people fundamentally disagree with. We see this as embracing an opportunity to be part of a really important conversation that is finally starting to take place.


So if you see us writing articles or participating in events or discussions with people you may disagree with politically, please know we have thoroughly considered each decision and its ramifications on our membership. We will always prioritize working for your best interests as women business owners and hope that you see our actions in that light.

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